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Topo AO is a series of Hawai'i Maps that include AR Animations accessible by scanning the QR code. The AR animation features a 3D model of the island of Kaua'i. We developed every element for this project from Idea to execution. These maps are sold as Tourist Souvineers but have multi-use cases and the potential to have further partnerships with location-based projects across Hawaii.


"Absolutely amazingly talented people that just happen to live on this small island of Kaua'i. Their project management is so well curated and their passion for their work shows through everything they do. They will not take you as a client if your intention is not inlined with their values to support the community. They are overqualified for most of the services they do, but still give you 100 and 10% of their attention and effort. Their hearts are in it and just that alone is priceless. I hope to continue to work with them and I hope to be able to see more opportunities for these guys."
Project History