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Mahealani is a series of resources and programs to help women heal from trauma by connecting with nature and reconnecting to the part of themselves that is nature and reflected all around us. Mahealani is not exclusive to women as all humans can find healing by connecting to their roots within the natural world. When one is able to cultivate a close relationship with Nature, we no longer feel alone, we no longer suffer or thrive alone. Whether this connection is rooted in a genetic perspective or a cultural or spiritual belief, this kind of healing practice has proven to provide a lot of relief for those in need. Kaua'i Dev had a great time creating imagery to attempt to capture an intimate relationship between a Woman and the Aina (Land).


Working with the KauaiDev team for my branding, website, and 3D image creation has been an incredibly positive experience. Nani and Keoni are brilliant, highly-skilled, professional, organized, and also have exceptional customer service. As someone who is not at all tech-savvy, they have provided me with all of the support I need to make my dream website and vision come to life. The expertise and insight that KauaDev offers are of the highest caliber out there. If I could give them 10 stars I would! I could not recommend them highly enough!
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