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Hale o Kapeka



Hale o Kapeka is one of the last Hawaiian owned vacation rentals in Poipu. This property as been in their family for generations. The run and manage the rental as a family and do their best to instill the spirit of Aloha within the experience of staying in their family home. They own and occupy the other units in the coldisac and hope that by investing in the renovations for the rental, they can continue to be able to keep their family home in the family and pass it own to their children.


"With out their help we would have never been able to get everything live and set up, the website turned out amazing! The photos and videos are 100 times better then the other company that we had prior. Their patience and willingness to help in anyway could have not been more appriciated. We would recomend Kaua'i Dev to anyone."
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